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Natural Ingredients


Health Boosting properties

More Plant Based...
 flexitarian healthy restaurant

One of our foundations pillars is our orientation towards vegetarian and plant based dishes.


We want to show you that plant based food need never be boring or tasteless and that on the contrary, nature provides a huge variety of flavour, colour and texture to satisfy everybody’s palette, and our menu is designed to show you just that!

On our menu you will find things such as coconut whipped cream, cashew nut cheese, flaxseed egg desserts, and walnut Bolognese among others. These dishes also have the largest amount of nutrients and enzymes with  an alkalising effect on the body.   And of course, last but not least, is the importance of improving animal welfare. 


Sourcing Sourcing Sourcing... 

We are obsessed with the origin of our food. We continually strive for the best ingredients: Searching for seasonal vegetables from our extensive network of local farmers and specialty products from small businesses that have a passion for what they do. Regarding products of animal origin, we only work with companies that respect animals, their food and are concerned with minimizing their suffering.

This is our great commitment to you and our planet!

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