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Based in Marbella, Manuka is a flexitarian restaurant that focuses on offering its clients clean, healthy and wholesome food the way it was intended by nature; free from refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

Amongst our menu, you will find an array of delicious plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe and even though we highly support vegan and vegetarian diets, we also offer a selection of free range and grass fed meats remaining as ethical as possible while doing so.

We hope to show you that healthy food need never be boring or tasteless and that on the contrary, real ingredients taste and look better than any artificial processed food. Nature always provides, and our menu is designed to show you just that!

It is also our goal to encourage you to respect your body and to help you make better and informed eating choices so that you can feel the best possible version of yourself. We all deserve to feel good... right? Food is our fuel and so our diet plays a big role in that. We jam pack our dishes with so-called “superfoods” which you can learn more about by reading our menu which is packed with gems of information!

This is how Manuka was born: the need for a place, accessible to all, to discover the joy of healthy living! 


We are advocates for natural foods and avoid chemicals and highly processed ingredients such as sugars and wheat flours.

We do not add any sugars to our foods nor juices and anything we sweeten is done by using natural sugars such as honey, dates and maple syrup.

MSG is banned from our kitchen, we do not use fillers, additives or artificial thickening agents in any sauces or dressings.

Instead our salad dressings are based with items such as cold pressed organic olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar.

We source organic produce as much as possible and we follow nature’s rhythm in terms of using fruit and vegetables which are in season or that can be obtained locally. We are not a fully certified organic restaurant but are increasingly using more organic products, such as our eggs, breads, rice, quinoa, nuts, most of our leafy greens as well as all of our superfoods.

It is also part of our ethos to support ethically run companies, which contribute to the sustainability of our beloved planet and all its creatures.  You will find we use fair trade organic coffee, organic milk from small productions and grass fed beef that has been ethically grown and nurtured. We try and contribute in caring for the environment by using bio-degradable cleaning products and take away ware, and straws.

We believe every little bit can make a difference to bring about change and awareness!


We pride ourselves with the highest quality of cleanliness and hygiene in our kitchen.

Our food prep is made in our central kitchen sealed in vacuum bags each morning and delivered freshly to our restaurants.


All our cooking is done in stainless steel pans in order to avoid unhealthy aluminium or teflon traces, we also use reverse osmosis water to cook our grains and make our broth. We do not use ordinary table salt and switch to healthier alternatives, such as high grade sea salt or Himalayan pink salt.

Our philosophy is held strong in the front and back of house, we do not skimp on ingredients in our menus, nor do we cut corners behind the scenes in our kitchen.


We use reverse osmosis filtered water in our kitchen for all of our cooking, as well as for teas and coffees. This is the highest form of water filtration and ensures all impurities and trace metals are removed form the water, and hence our food.


White sugar acts as an anti-nutrient to the body and is the leading cause of diabetes and obesity.

It is used and hidden in so many common foods to seemingly improve taste and shelf-life  When sourcing our products we make sure there are no hidden sugars in our products and for anything that needs sweetening we use unprocessed ingredients such as maple, honey or coconut blossom 


We do not use MSG nor artificial flavour enhancers that go under any other name. We rigorously read the ingredient composition of all the products we purchase to make sure they are consistent with our ethos. 

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