Do you ever start to slow down and feel sluggish after lunch?

We like to call this a CARBO COMA ! Its what happens after eating refined foods high in sugar while lacking in enzymes and nutrients! Aside from the insulin crash we force our body to use its own enzymes and life force energy to break down the food we just ate resulting in lowered levels of energy.

However this is NOT how we are supposed to feel after a meal.

We are supposed to feel good and energized that is the whole purpose of eating!

Choose one of Manuka fresh leafy salads full of natural enzymes with healthy dressings with extra virgin olive oil or try our Quinoa Bolws rich in protein for sustained energy, and we guarantee you will feel great afterwards.

Would you rather fancy some “comfort food” instead, such as our homey burgers or quesadillas remember to order a side salad or kale shot to accompany it!